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Your heart is racing. You can hear your pulse pounding in your ears. The steady click-clack of heels on the hardwood is exhilarating. A bead of sweat rolls down your back, sending a chill back up your spine as it descends. You desperately want to wipe it away, but Mistress’s instructions were clear: be still.

The tip of Mistress Scarlett’s riding crop brushes along the curve of your buttocks, and every muscle tenses momentarily. Your flesh pebbles with fresh goosebumps, and you open your mouth to sigh, but it catches in your throat as a soft whoosh fills the air, followed by the snap of leather on bare skin. 

You feel a lingering sting as Mistress whispers gently in your ear, “Stand up straight.” 

You stand at attention… chest out… back straight… eyes ahead, resisting the overpowering temptation to meet her gaze. 

She steps into view, her ample curves on display as she appraises your posture while she flexes the crop in her hands. Her ruby lips curl into an approving smile. “Much better.”

You’d heard that all femdoms are heartless bitches who cruelly abuse their clients, milking them for thousands while laughing all the way to the bank. But Ms. Sandalwood is nurturing, encouraging you to explore your potential while being firm. You feel safe, content as you satisfy her commands. There is no shame in Mistress’s service… only submission.

She angles the crop at the floor. “Kneel.” Quickly, but careful to maintain your perfect posture, you obey, sinking to your knees to gaze up at your Mistress.

She hooks one finger through the ring on your collar and pulls your face close to hers. You savor the sweet scent of her sandalwood perfume as she whispers, “Now, show me how you beg.”

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